Altitude ... 
              defines attitude
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Sterling Silver Jewelry Handcrafted in
Winter Park, CO 
Elevation 9110 ft

****Colorado Copper****

Earrings and Necklaces 
Handcrafted Copper, Dipped Silver and Brass Jewelry 


Altitude...defines Attitude


Altitude was founded in Winter Park, Colorado, (altitude: 9100 ft.) My designs, in hand-hammered silver and semi-precious gemstones, reflect the casual elegance of our life in the majestic Rocky Mountains, where I learned to create jewelry, and the picturesque farmland of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where I grew up. It is also shaped by my interest in light and shadow, which evolved during my art education at Ohio University and my early career in photography.  Every piece of my jewelry is handcrafted in the USA. I hope your life and personal style are as enriched by wearing these designs as mine has been by creating them.

Thank You,

Rachel Rayburn


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